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What to Know about Utilizing Your CME Event Content

What to Know about Utilizing Your CME Event Content

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your organization must quickly adopt in-person event strategies to suit the challenges in this current landscape. You have to re-evaluate how to conduct your CME courses, seminars, meetings, conferences, and other events.

The challenges that you’re facing can serve as new opportunities to embrace different educational content possibilities as you transition from in-person events to those in a virtual format.

In this post, we discuss what you should know when utilizing your CME event content.

What Makes a Virtual CME Event Content a Success?

“What’s in it for me?” While this phrase may be a cliché, it still rings true when it comes to the strategy of providing your event’s attendees with value. Value means different things to different people. Consider these questions:

  • Will keynote speakers and other presenters inspire your audiences?
  • Will attendees build valuable relationships with their peers?
  • Will they receive actionable information?

You can initially attract people with good content. However, no one wants to spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen watching various event sessions. The key is to offer content that provides attendees with an engaging experience that is also easy to navigate. Be sure your chosen presenters communicate and speak with energy and give your audience actionable information that they can use right away. Get interactive elements in place for your sessions. These can be anything ranging from discussion groups to chat rooms and social media to keep things exciting and enable them to share ideas on the topic, brainstorm, and network with a smaller number of like-minded individuals.

For example, discussion groups are among the most significant forms of engagement when utilizing your CME event content. Event attendees often miss the face-to-face interactions of traditional in-person events due to rigid event session schedules and other factors, such as time away from medical practices, so this virtual platform gives them an opportunity to interact online.

Adding interactive components like discussion groups has several advantages:

  • Enable discussion and engagement with difficult concepts
  • Share community wisdom and experience
  • Debate controversial topics in constructive ways
  • Remove the pressure to perform on the spot, enabling event attendees to return later with further information, clarifications, or questions

Offer Quality CME Event Content

In utilizing your CME event content, you want to offer quality content that enables active learning and complies with ACCME standards. Engage your learners with rich media content that incorporates the ACCME’s Criterion 35. Add other formats that involve M & M conferences, webinars, podcasts, interactive content, and other web-based activities that enable active learning for your event attendees. During a time where your organization has to quickly pivot into the virtual environment, your CME event content needs to coincide with or mirror how the in-person CME meetings and other activities would take place. You can:

  • Provide your content in straightforward live webinars
  • Allow your attendees to virtually attend large, complex events, such as conferences, symposia, or annual meetings
  • Record and adapt your CME event activities into enduring activities

The New Reality: Make Your CME Event Content Virtual

Live CME events have been popular with learners. However, with the current challenges that the pandemic poses for organizations, the number of virtual events has risen dramatically.

There are many benefits of virtual events. Moving to a virtual environment enables you to:

  • Reduce learners’ geographical barriers for attending meetings
  • Stay compliant with mandated COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • Increase the number of content offerings

Leverage Your LMS for Your CME Event Content

As you plan your virtual meetings utilizing your CME event content, you need to have the right tools in place to reach the greatest number of learners.

EthosCE is easy to use with Adobe Presenter, Articulate, and Captivate. It will also accommodate audio content and support your live courses and other events. With seamless integrations with live video conferencing software, including Zoom and GoToMeeting, EthosCE supports live learning for a wide range of events that include seminars, annual meetings, and conferences, among others.

EthosCE makes it easy for you to convert your CME event content into enduring materials. This helps further broaden the reach of your event and content, providing valuable post-event CME. The video meetings are immediately available in EthosCE. There is no need to download, convert, or upload large files.

Let EthosCE Help You Get Started

As for many organizations, pandemic restrictions have affected your live events and how you offer your content. These rapidly growing opportunities have become the new way to reach CME learners, so you need to successfully transition from in-person events to those in the virtual format.

At EthosCE, we understand the challenges of staying up to date and compliant with ACCME changes. We know how critical it is to get things done right the first time when it comes to team-based education and success.

To learn how EthosCE can enhance the continuing education of your healthcare teams, schedule a free 1-on-1 demo with one of our specialists today!