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How Self Service Reporting Improves Member Enrollments

How Self Service Reporting Improves Member Enrollments

For CME directors self-service reporting is much more than a convenience feature: it’s an integral component of a modern, scalable CME management model. Self-service reporting helps you streamline internal team communications, optimizing the value of your program data by simplifying the distribution of actionable insights.

How Self Service Reporting Helps Boost Member Enrollment

The ability to customize and generate reports on-demand using critical course and learner data allows you to unleash the power of your data. With simplified self-service reporting and full-data access, your CME management platform can become an engine of sustainable growth, empowering data-driven marketing and member retention strategies. With self-service reporting, every department and team member in your organization can have access to the data that they need on-demand—no waiting for meetings or scrolling through email chains for a lengthy update. Here are just some of the reasons self-service reporting supports your CME program’s ability to scale.

1. Data-driven marketing can help create sustainable program growth.

According to a recent survey, the majority of America’s top brands are increasing their spending on marketing strategy based on data-driven insights. It’s no wonder many leading industry analysts believe that the use of consumer data is one of the best ways to target your marketing campaign. When your marketing plan is derived from data-rich portraits of your potential audience and their educational needs, then your marketing content and outreach methods are more likely to be more effective.

2. Automated data collection and reporting means member enrollment troubleshooting happens faster

Because EthosCE provides a full analytics suite accessible from within the LMS admin, you don’t have to use another platform to access your data and review insights. That means member enrollment troubleshooting happens faster: there is even an advanced notifications feature that automatically alerts you to changes in monitored data. With EthosCE Analytics, you can drill down from evidence of a decline in member course completion, for example, and pinpoint the point within each course that individual students stopped interacting with the LMS. Armed with this data, you can generate a report that explores the reasons for learners leaving their courses, using historical and real-time data.

3. Self service reporting can eliminate data gaps

It’s a simple but powerful idea: because it’s so simple to generate and share reports, program team members can be kept up-to-date on relevant data quickly. Throughout the organization, every department will have the information that they need to execute day-to-day strategy effectively. That means that gaps in the data that is necessary to address member enrollment issues will be rare: with enterprise-grade data transparency and on-demand reporting, marketing and learner engagement strategies can be entirely data-driven.

Five reasons why it’s time to stop spending weeks writing reports

It’s just part of the job: writing a report can take weeks, and it’s one of the most tedious, labor-intensive, and critical tasks that you’ll have to manage as a CME director. While you won’t have to stop creating reports when you manage your CME program through the EthosCE platform, we’ve removed the friction from the process. Here are five reasons why the EthosCE LMS that you’ll need to maintain your productivity and keep your organization informed about critical data trends.

  1. Designing and creating reports take time and human resources that CME directors often can’t afford to spare when developing a response to an enrollment issue.
  2. EthosCE reports are user-friendly and are simple to generate. In addition, EthosCE advanced data visualizations make it even easier to communicate large amounts of information in a succinct format.
  3. As an enterprise-grade platform, EthosCE platform automates time-intensive, critical tasks such as data collection and management, allowing CME directors to avoid generating reports corrupted by human error.
  4. EthosCE makes it simple for CME directors to access, review, and analyze current and historical program data.
  5. The success of marketing and member retention strategy depends on the availability and accuracy of evidence-driven reports on CME program status and objectives.

The takeaway? EthosCE eliminates the “data dilemma” for CME directors: providing a suite of enterprise-class data analysis tools which simplify the creation of actionable insights from raw data. With self-service reporting, we’ve removed the busywork from strategy development, enabling you to focus on translating insights into policy.

How Self Service Reporting Can Transform Your CME Program

Here are some of the data that you can explore with a customizable report:

  • Learner score assessment patterns by user type
  • LMS user engagement over time
  • Member responses to marketing emails
  • Learner feedback on proposed new course topics
  • Program-wide and individual course completion rates, sliced according to learner type

EthosCE customizable reporting

Full data transparency and simplified self service reporting allow you to react to the changing needs of your users with curriculum updates, shifts in marketing content, or a restructuring of activities content. With self-service reporting, your approach to CME education can be fully evidence-driven: you won’t ever have to resort to guesswork to identify the root cause of a membership issue.

CME directors who choose EthosCE have access to a best-in-class CME management platform that makes the development of long-term marketing strategy easy.

At EthosCE, we’ve spent more than 16 years empowering CME directors to unlock the power of their data to support intelligent growth. With our integrated analytics suite, you’ll have a complete view of your program’s data along with the ability to generate elegant reports and advanced data visualizations with a few clicks.

Ready to see what your data can do for you? Request a 1-on-1 demo today and see how self-service analytics can transform your CME program.