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Saying "Thank You" To Our Community Of Customers - EthosCE

Saying “Thank You” To Our Community Of Customers

The day after the 2017 EthosCE user group meeting, I am still feeling the warm glow of coming together with a group of people who use EthosCE every day. Our team puts a lot of ourselves into EthosCE. Years of effort, building relationships, difficult decisions, growth, setbacks and rewards. Yesterday was a day that let us know we’re doing good work. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it came more from the relationships we’ve created than the product we create.

An LMS administrator community!

In CME, when we talk about a learning community, we’re usually talking about healthcare professionals – the “learners.” But at the EthosCE user group meeting, it was the LMS administrators who formed a learning community.

The attendees inspired each other and shared examples of their best work: problems they had solved, efficiencies they had gained, outcomes that had been improved. Those that struggled with challenges were inundated with suggestions and ideas to try. Those that had achieved success were cheered and applauded.

Our learning community of LMS administrators did more than just learn technical solutions from each other, they supported each other as colleagues, healthcare educators, business managers, CME experts, technologists and humans.

My gas tank of inspiration has been refilled.

Whether they came from a one-person department or from one much larger, the creativity and ingenuity on display was inspiring. Sitting here the next day, I realize my gas tank of inspiration has been magically refilled and (after getting some sleep and ACEHP 2017), I’ll head back to Philly, and get ready for the next EthosCE release.

There is so much to be excited about and, I can’t wait to get it in the hands of our customers. We’re truly lucky to have such a great group of people to work for. To them I say, thank you for your attendance, for being a customer, for your feedback, and your inspiration. Now let’s get to work!

Thank you EthosCE customers! Photo by Nate Grigg