Can Open Source Make Facebook the Next AOL?; Social Media Up 230%

  • Could open source tools make Facebook the next AOL? – Last week, Facebook announced that it had amassed 500 million users, a formable portion of the global Internet audience. But even as Mark Zuckerberg and company celebrates, others are busy trying to uproot Facebook’s popularity by establishing a set of open standards to share Facebook-like features across the Internet…
  • Social Media Up 230% Since 2007 – INFORMATION WEEK – June 28 – Two-thirds of Americans now use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social media sites, up about 230% from the 20% penetration in 2007, and 43% are visiting these sites more than once a day. Multiple visits are up 28% compared with last year, the Simmons New Media study determined. “The rise of social networking tracks closely with that of Facebook. As of April 26, 2010, 46% of the U.S. online adult population reported having visited Facebook in the past 30 days”…