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Mobile Apps for the Disabled; Smartphones and Cancer Care - EthosCE

Mobile Apps for the Disabled; Smartphones and Cancer Care

  • Amazing Innovation: Mobile Apps for the Disabled – ThinkContacts is a new mobile application being developed by Nokia which would allow a disabled person to select a contact from a list and place a phone call to that person using only their mind. The app, which is designed for Nokia’s N900 Maemo platform, works with an accompanying headset that reads the user’s brainwaves to measure attention levels.
  • Smartphones hustle to maintain pace with rapid rate of change in oncology – Cancer Network – Droids, iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys are shock troops on the front line of an electronics invasion. Their assimilation of everyday functions has made a frustrating universe simpler and more efficient, arguing for their broader and more sophisticated use in professional life. In medicine, they entered first in general practice then quickly spread to specialties. Oncology is fast becoming a place where you’re likely to hear the expression, “There’s an app for that.