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MedBiquitous Webcasts on Health Education Technologies Now Available - EthosCE

MedBiquitous Webcasts on Health Education Technologies Now Available

As the proud e-learning sponsor of the 2009 MedBiquitous Annual Conference, DLC Solutions is pleased announce the release a series of video Webcasts on health education technologies and standards. The presentations were captured on April 28th-30th in Baltimore, MD, using DLC Solutions’ PresentME Webcasting technology.  We are pleased to have both sponsored and presented at this important event.

Webcast Presentations

  • “Welcome” – Don E. Detmer, MD, MA, Chairman, MedBiquitous Board of Directors, President and CEO, American Medical Informatics Association.
  • “Laying the Groundwork for Collaboration: A MedBiquitous update” – Peter Greene, MD, Executive Director, MedBiquitous.
  • “The Efficacy of E-learning in the Health Professions” – David Cook, MD, MHPE, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.
  • “Information: The missing ingredient for successful innovation in medical education” – Ronald M Harden, OBE, MD, FRCP, FRCS, FRCPC, Association for Medical Education in Europe.
  • “Facebook and Social Networking – Can this really help me learn?” – Moderated by James B. Mcgee, MD, University of Pittsburgh, and Benjamin Azan, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and MedBiquitous.
  • “Ubiquitous Computing Using Second Life For Online Health Informatics Students” – Juliana J. Brixey PhD, MPH, RN; Judith J. Warren PhD, RN, BC, FAAN, FACM, University of Kansas School of Nursing.
  • “Health Preparedness Training in Second Life: Lessons learned” –  Karen Ngowe, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • “Virtual Patient and Medical Device Simulation In Second Life: The use of immersive virtual worlds for learning and patient safety” –  David I Taylor MSc MBCS, Robin Winter; Mark Chan, Rachel Davies BA (Hons), James Kinross BSc (Hons) MRCS (Eng), Ara Darzi, FMedSci, HonFREng KBE Imperial College London.
  • “Applying the Professional Profile Standard: A real world example of how the Professional Profile is used” – Annette Gippe; Mike Zarski, AOIA
  • “Online, Just In Time, Electronic Certificate Exchange: A case study in leveraging the MedBiquitous Activity Report XML Standard” –  Benjamin Greenberg, Leah Wang, Medscape; Annette Gippe, American Osteopathic Association; Tarang Shah, Carl Singer, Andrew Rabin, CECity.
  • “EthosCE: The role of open source web technologies in continuing medical education” – Jeremy C Lundberg, MSSW, LSW, DLC Solutions; Logan Thomison, OptumHealth Education

To view the Webcast presentations, go to: http://medbiq.com

About Medbiquitous

Founded by Johns Hopkins Medicine and leading professional medical societies, MedBiquitous is a not-for-profit, international group of professional medical and healthcare associations, universities, commercial, and governmental organizations dedicated to advancing healthcare education through technology standards that promote professional competence, collaboration, and better patient care. MedBiquitous is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop information technology standards for healthcare education and competence assessment.