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Looking for a Low Cost LMS for Healthcare CE? Look the Other Way

Looking for a Low Cost LMS for Healthcare CE? Look the Other Way

From your learners’ long-term educational outcomes to the quality of the data behind your marketing and sales strategies, your business relies on the agility and advanced features provided by your LMS. When it comes to your program’s viability, are you willing to trust your success to a cheap alternative compared to an enterprise-grade platform? In this piece, we’ll look at why a cheap LMS may hinder your productivity and show you how to find the best value for your organization’s budget.

Your LMS can boost or harm your productivity: Willing to take the risk?

If you are committed to preserving and enhancing excellence in your CE program, then you are already well aware that creating the best educational experiences for your learners takes considerable time. The need for innovation is constant and your competitors are not resting on their laurels either: you cannot afford to miss any opportunity to provide a superior experience for your members.

That means that any tool that can boost productivity consistently will be of great value to your entire organization. However, a tool that fails to do its job can have the reverse effect, causing more problems then you started out with.

For example, you might find that your LMS may provide an easy experience for your learners to start your course program, but not easy to keep tabs on their progress towards earning needed credits. That means they may end up contacting your team for support, adding to your workload.

Your LMS can be your most valuable asset in boosting productivity or a significant roadblock to maintaining a competitive edge.

When you’re in control of your workflow, you’re able to focus your energy toward adding value to your organization: streamlining your operations to get the most out of your time and budget while creating impactful strategies to engage learners.

Considering a low cost LMS? How much do value your time?

The quality of your LMS will determine the long-term success of your program. It will also dictate the type of experience that your learners receive. Here are a few questions to consider as you evaluate the potential impact of a “bargain” LMS on your students’ learning experience.

Will your learners become alienated if they find quizzes or lessons to be dull and unimaginative?
Busy professionals tend to find the most efficient ways of getting the information that they need, and that often includes multimedia content. If your LMS can’t provide content that meets industry standards for modern e-learning then you may lose students.

The quality of your LMS is the key to your program’s future success.

Are your students healthcare professionals who have little time to spare on platform usability issues?
Working professionals engaged in continuing education tend to be less patient than students who are going to school full-time when it comes to hunting for information. Surprising, isn’t it? Often this is because they just have less time to spare on education than they did before entering the professional world. If your LMS doesn’t feature on-page help, a user-friendly FAQ, and on-call support, then your program will not be able to remain competitive in your market.

Are your learners coming from diverse educational or professional backgrounds?
If your students have different levels of professional or educational experience, you will need an LMS that can accommodate a range of learning styles and competencies. A cheap LMS won’t give you the flexibility in content development that you will need to provide customized support for struggling learners and extra enrichment for top tier performers.

Adult education is a highly competitive field: If you value your learner’s time as much as you do, then a cheap LMS will send the opposite message that your organization intended to convey.

A low cost LMS won’t provide the premium user-experience for your learners that promotes knowledge retention and engagement, leaving your members frustrated and unlikely to return.

With an enterprise-grade LMS like EthosCE, you will have all of the tools that you need to engage your learners and scale your program seamlessly.

We offer:

EthosCE offers EthosCE Analytics. Our user-friendly data management, reporting and analytics suite gives you complete control over your user insights, giving you instant access to the real-time and historical information you need to build evidence-driven growth strategy.

Cross-platform multimedia content components and content integration. From video to animation to webinars, our platform allows you to build immersive educational activities with a few clicks.

EthosCE’s platform is designed around the latest learning experience best practices principles.

Administrative task automation and communications scheduling.With EthosCE you can schedule notifications, emails, and automate a host of other tasks like bulk student registrations and records import, freeing you and your team to focus on program operations and strategy.

You need more from your LMS than just a place for your learners to take a quiz.

Do You Want a Platform or a Partnership?

Without partnership-level support, even the best LMS may not provide the best value.

Your program needs a powerful core to drive its growth. If you would not look for the least expensive computer on the market to store your organization’s vital records, you probably should not look for a cheap LMS either: not only will you get what you pay for, but you will put the health of your business at risk.

EthosCE provides partnership-level support from the day you sign with us. We invest time in helping your organization through its growth process. A bargain LMS won’t give you more than the most basic features. That means you will be forced to ramp up your expenses as your program expands its offerings. We offer the solid value that saves your organization money (and resources) over time.

If you are ready to take the next step and secure the success of your educational goals away from a low cost LMS, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our solution specialists today!