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What To Look For in LMS Functionality | EthosCE

What To Look For in LMS Functionality

Take a look at some of the essential features of a quality LMS

When deciding on the ideal learning management system for your organization, it’s important to identify key factors of LMS functionality that could sway user satisfaction and retention for continuing medical education. However, knowing your audience and their needs means delving into expectations that you may not have previously considered. Here are a few basic features of a good LMS, which may not have been an immediate concern until now.

  1. Integrated Faculty Management

Maintaining an accurate and updated list of faculty may seem like a no-brainer as an LMS functionality benefit, but few often consider how much time and money can be saved through easy-to-track faculty profiling. Management tools that allow you to view qualifications and skill sets, contract documents, learner and faculty communications, and information that involves an expiry date are highly advantageous since they improve accuracy, security, and data quality.

  1. Goal Setting/Tracking

Competency management functions can mean a great deal for tracking and setting goals, from both a faculty perspective and an administrative perspective. Once you’ve decided on the metrics for measuring the success of instructors, you can apply the results to measure and analyze the skill gaps and recommend prescriptive learning solutions for adjustments. By doing this, you will save on time and money by finding achievable goals that best fit the desired purpose of each program.

  1. Evaluation Management

One of the best ways to measure the success of an LMS is by creating an evaluation for learners to complete after finishing a course. A evaluation management setup will allow for answers to be easily compiled for evaluation and understanding. With user experience and personalized programs to fit the needs of the learner being at the forefront for retention, evaluation management tools become crucial in creating actionable items that will benefit both the user and the organization.

  1. Multilingual User Interface

With the amount of doctors that travel to the United States from countries abroad, a multilingual user interface could make or break the learner experience. Supplying learners with an easy-to-use option of choosing from a list of popular languages within their own portal will make them more comfortable with their course-based decisions and can create a stronger sense of engagement. Having the instructions and other core features in the primary language of a learner will also cut down on questions raised through the help portal.

Your Source For Optimal LMS Functionality

These innovative features highlight the benefits of learning management systems in education. As you are deciding between different learning management systems, conduct an LMS features comparison to identify the best option for your organization.

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