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EthosCE: Your ACCME PARS-Compliant Learning Management System

ACCME recently announced the launch of their Web-based PARS system for reporting multiple CME activities through one “batch upload” process to their database.  Our EthosCE Learning Management System supports the ACCME PARS reporting standard through our “one click” publishing tool.  Now, CME organizations can automatically create ACCME PARS reports and submit them in a fraction of the time compared to the common manual entry process.

ACCME states that PARS is right for organizations who answer “YES” to the following questions:

  • Does your organization conduct many CME activities each year?
  • Are you currently using a database or CME tracking system to record data about your CME activities?
  • Does your database or CME tracking system use XML?  EthosCE Learning Management System does.

Additionally, ACCME states:

“PARS was designed with flexibility in mind. If you conduct several CME activities each year, it’s likely that you’re using a database, spreadsheet, or some other tracking system to store the data that the ACCME requires you to have about your CME program and activities. PARS allows you to upload bulk or batch data for many activities at one time. This can help you to greatly reduce the time and effort needed to put your CME activity data into PARS.”

Our EthosCE Learning Management System’s built-in ACCME PARS “one-click” data collection and reporting feature is designed to automate ACCME reporting, increase compliance, and decrease administrative costs.

Check out the below tutorial from ACCME and ask us how EthosCE Learning Management System can automate your CME enterprise :