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EthosCE Version 3.2 Released! - EthosCE

EthosCE Version 3.2 Released!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been busy advancing the development and performance of EthosCE Learning Management System.  Here are just some of the new, powerful feature enhancements and tools included in Version 3.2:

  • New platform performance enhancements.
  • “Drag and Drop” home page and group page content blocks.
  • Ability to automatically replicate a course and assessments with Course Cloning.
  • Support for complex course workflows (e.g., multiple tests, evaluations).
  • Membership management integration with iMIS and Association Anywhere.
  • One-click enrollment into free courses for logged in users.
  • Full control of multiple credit types (add/edit/update).
  • Administer surveys prior to registration.
  • Allow users to select types of credit to earn per activity
    • Per credit type global certificate mapping (map Physician to AMA, map AMA to certificate)
    • Area of practice selection globally or per-course (per-enrollment)
  • UTF-8 support for certificates.