EthosCE Named a Top 10 Association Learning Management System in the World

EthosCE named a Top 10 Association LMS in the World by Talented Learning EthosCE is proud to announce that Talented Learning has named EthosCE a Top 10 Association LMS in the World. With deep association-friendly features such as single-sign-on (SSO), Association Management System (AMS) integration, credit reporting, and e-commerce integration, EthosCE is a natural choice for medium- to large-size associations looking for a flat-fee continuing education solution.

“We’re very excited and proud to be named a Top 10 Association LMS in the World by Talented Learning,” said EthosCE CEO Jeremy Lundberg. “Our pricing model, hosting options, deep integrations and non-profit friendly technology are a perfect fit for associations.”

EthosCE also provides a full suite of consulting services as part of, or prior to, an LMS integration for associations. Process improvement, technology strategy, systems and business analysis, revenue generation consulting for continuing education and tailored LMS training are all available.

About EthosCE
EthosCE is a full-featured learning management system designed for continuing education. EthosCE’s software and consulting services allow customers to streamline administrative and business workflows while delivering a high degree of learner participation and satisfaction.

As fully supported open-source software, EthosCE provides an alternative to traditional LMS pricing models and is available in hosted or on-site configurations for customers of all sizes and industries. EthosCE installations manage more than 1.5 million CE credits for hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world.

DLC Solutions is dedicated to ensuring both customers and learners have the best learning experience possible by leveraging expertise in business process analytics, software development and user experience engineering.

Leading organizations in health care, insurance, associations, universities and government have successfully deployed EthosCE to streamline their administrative and business workflows with a high degree of learner participation and satisfaction.

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