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Discover Top LMS Features To Support Your E-Learning Goals

Make sure that the learning management system you choose offers a variety of features targeted towards your organization.

Finding the right e-learning vendor can be a challenge, especially as LMS providers continue to  expand and improve their offerings. Due to the wealth of options now available with LMS software, it’s important to narrow your search by determining which LMS features are essential and which are unnecessary for your business. By focusing on the features that best support your organization, you will be able to dictate your needs to any LMS provider.

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LMS feature needs vary depending on the type and size of the organization in question. For instance, an LMS solution that works well for a small university may not work for a large organization. Consider the size of your organization, your learners’ needs and goals, certification requirements, and other factors to determine which features will best serve your business.

5 LMS Features To Consider In An E-learning Program

The learning management system you choose should engage your learners through an easy-to-use and accessible platform. For administrators, the goal for LMS is to streamline e-learning activities by offering a single location for access and eliminating the need for additional software and extensive administrative management.

To guide your search for the right LMS system, we’ve compiled a list of LMS highlights to look for:

  1. Engaging Multimedia Courses. Such courses offer visual learning capabilities including video uploads, Flash learning options, and the ability to work alongside other visually-oriented applications.
  2. Certificate Generation. Instant, downloadable certificates can be especially useful for medical organizations. Look for a program that offers customized information, credit display, and design options.
  3. Credit Management. Look for an LMS option that allows you to create credit types that can be applied towards individual courses or even curriculum-based certifications. This feature should include the ability to set specific credits per curriculum, in addition to awarding and managing different credit types.
  4. Tracking Capabilities. LMS solutions that offer the possibility of tracking website traffic, course participation, and test results will prove immensely helpful for measuring outcomes.
  5. Social Media Involvement. Peer interaction can be an incredible tool to prompt user engagement and may include group blogs, personalized profiles, and document sharing options.

At EthosCE, we create LMS solutions using the aforementioned LMS features to ensure an optimal user experience. By combining the latest continuing education technologies and targeting our services to meet the needs of your organization, we promote positive, measureable outcomes. To find out more information about our offerings, please contact us at 267.234.7401.

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