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Maximizing Your Medical Continuing Ed Program with Limited Staff

Maximizing Your Medical Continuing Ed Program with Limited Staff

As a CME director, it’s difficult to have a CPD department operating with limited internal members of staff. This can put the pressure on everyone and affect the inner workings of the office. Even more so, you want to design and create the best possible continuing ed programs for your learners, but this can be a challenge.

However, there is a service that can help you make the most of your e-learning courses. This service enables you to maximize your programs and get your content online as quickly as possible.

You’re Facing High Turnovers and It’s Costing You

Not having enough staff can be a challenge. Having high turnovers may be an issue for any number of reasons and is something that many companies experience. The effects include the high costs of replacing those departing employees and low morale from those who are still in the office.

When it comes to costs, the figures are staggering. Recent data from a Work Institute Retention report estimates that it costs approximately 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them, with the average turnover cost of $15,000 per lost employee who earned an average salary of $45,000. Another study from the Society for Human Resource Management reported that the turnover cost for an $8-per-hour employee can cost $3,500. Also, a Willis Tower Watson survey found that one in three employees will leave a company within two years.

Don’t forget to add the fact that losing an employee can bring extra costs, such as severance pay and admin tasks like exit interviews (unless the employee just left without giving notice). You’re also faced with having to go through the recruitment, selection, hiring, onboarding, and training processes all over again. What’s more, it can take time for the new employee to get up to speed in terms of productivity, factoring in errors and reduced work quality along the way.

What about Those Busy Times?

When your CPD office is busy, there may not be enough staff to handle the influx. If you’re a smaller organization, an insufficient number of dedicated workers may cause your office to struggle. You’re dealing with ACCME and AMCC standards and time-consuming documentation regularly, along with working on getting your multimedia medical continuing ed program courses set up and online. However, your office keeps getting busier. You’re offering credits for certifications and regularly scheduled series, like grand rounds and case conferences. There are MOCs, simulations, IPCE credits, web-based activities, and a wide variety of other educational formats, including CEUs, CNEs, CPEs, CLEs, CFPs, CEHs, PDHs, and other credit types that have specialty credits. You’re also working on learner registrations, self-assessments, reporting, and other tasks.

With all this activity, you don’t have enough time to continue creating the innovative content that’s so crucial to your learners.

Stand Up and Take Notice: Go to a Dedicated Professional LMS Concierge Service

If you’re trying to maximize your medical continuing ed program but have limited staff, you probably feel like you’re being pulled in many directions. You need to dedicate your time to creating courses that meet the various accreditation requirements, but you may be filling in on admin duties because you’re short on workers.

With these problems in mind, are you aware that your internal staff issues can be alleviated with a professional outsourcing service?

EthosCE provides a dedicated LMS concierge service that can help you make the most out of your continuing ed program. This service addresses your staff turnover, handles busy times, and gives you access to highly experienced, expert LMS administrators.

EthosCE’s concierge service can effectively run your entire LMS, while costing less than a full-time employee and saving you the costs of hiring new staff, students, or temps. EthosCE professionals are highly skilled and can perform essential tasks quickly. The work can be done remotely or on a retainer basis, and the cost is based on a flat fee per course, making it less than that of a full-time employee.

This full-service, professional service provides you with access to resources that know CPD, as well as administrators who can find and implement best practices for improved user experiences.

You can also access expert CPD technical resources for offloading menial tasks like:

  • Setting up courses
  • Creating and sending reports
  • Pulling data
  • Performing documentations
  • Emailing learners
  • Providing end-user support
  • Performing data entry
  • Providing supplemental training

EthosCE’s concierge service can be used for any or all tasks associated with running a CPD office. It has project managers and data-entry staff who can make sure your e-learning production stays on course. The EthosCE project managers supply a template for data collection of the following:

  • Learning objectives
  • Faculty bios and disclosures
  • Pre- and post- assessment questions with an answer key
  • Program evaluation
  • Release and expiration dates
  • Type and number of credits offered
  • Commercial support statements and other relevant information

The service can also help you set up certificates whenever you are awarding credits.

With EthosCE’s concierge service, you can rest easy and maximize your continuing ed program with the confidence that you can create the best courses possible for your learners.

Make the Most of Your Medical Continuing Ed Program with EthosCE’s Professional Concierge Service

Creating the best innovative medical continuing ed program courses is challenging enough. But when you are short on workers, your challenges are even greater. EthosCE’s concierge service takes the focus away from the issues of limited staff and enables you to focus on maximizing your courses for your learners.

Don’t let having limited staff get in the way of maximizing your CME program’s success. Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with one of our specialists today.