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Cochear Americas, Refreshed

Today was a busy day here at DLC Solutions. Cochlear Americas and DLC Solutions launched a “refresh” of www.cochlearamericas.com.

What’s a refresh, you ask? Not quite a redesign, but more than just adding a few new photos and pages.

Cochlear told us they were happy with their website, and for a number of reasons weren’t quite ready to redesign. Yet, they still wanted a fresh coat of paint to spruce things up. Of course it had to be done fast. So, we leveraged the strengths of the existing site and focused on improving the weaknesses.

We updated the home page, built a new product introduction, and lauched a new product selector wizard. Next up is a revised professional information center.

Our team worked hand-in-hand with the web and marketing team at Cochlear to launch the revisions using Drupal and Cochlear’s Reddot Content Management systems.

Cochlear is in the midst of a migration to Drupal of nearly 20 global websites in 14 languages. DLC Solutions is pleased to assist one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers in moving to open source software.