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Top Healthcare CME Technology Services That Integrate with Your AMS

Top Healthcare CME Technology Services That Integrate with Your AMS

Your AMS is like the Swiss Army knife for your association’s operations. Your CME technology services should integrate easily with your AMS and increase its overall value to your organization in doing so. In this post, you’ll learn about top healthcare CME technology services that integrate with your AMS.

Data Management: How Enterprise-Grade CME Technology Services Eliminate Data Wrangling Headaches

A robust AMS may provide enormous value to your organization, but there are many critical tasks that most AMS platforms, even the most advanced ones, just aren’t equipped to manage. Typically, those tasks are related to data management. To truly thrive, your organization will need access to evidence-driven insights to create a long-term strategy for every aspect of its operations. That means your department will need a reservoir of cleanly derived association and educational program data that can be seamlessly translated into user-friendly reports.

Data management and analytics are resource-intensive tasks which are too important to leave to ad hoc DIY methods. Getting your hands on the right data at every point along your association’s development is essential for your team’s success. EthosCE streamlines critical tasks by automating data collection and insight generation. Our platform:

  • Pulls association and program data directly from your AMS and generates user-friendly statistics through EthosCE analytics.
  • Automates data visualization generation making it simple to create visually stunning illustrations of key research and real-time data with a few clicks.
  • Makes it easy to keep your team up-to-date on critical data through automated, scheduled report deliveries, emails, and notifications.

With EthosCE Analytics as the engine of your decision-making process, you can get the most out of your existing AMS platform while utilizing the enterprise-grade features that you need to build a solid growth strategy.

Automate Administrative Tasks: How Comprehensive Tech Support Maximizes Your Time, Human Resources, and Budget

EthosCE provides extensive support services as your program scales, helping your association grow seamlessly. Consider the following scenarios:

Your marketing campaign has been a smashing success. More than 200 healthcare professionals from a recent national conference have expressed interest in your upcoming online continuing education course slated for next month. Your current AMS has only managed data for a few dozen registrants previously. How will your staff (and your platform) cope?

Your organization has just received results from a pool of your members, and the news is right: the majority are interested in taking online courses, and most have selected several topics of interest. If you launch a new program, your staff could be looking at thousands of new registrations with multiple combinations of courses and varying levels of experience, education, and course commitment in a few months. Can your association manage a massive transition on this scale?

With EthosCE, your AMS has a powerful engine behind it that was built for resource optimization and high performance. Our platform automates labor-intensive tasks (like bulk registrations, order fulfillment, and EthosCE provides integration for external data services (such as JSON feeds) into the analytics dashboard, along with support for add-on services, such as custom data integrations as your association’s needs change.

One Platform to Rule Them All: How EthosCE Stops Dashboard Clutter

The EthosCE platform is much more than just a top-flight LMS, it provides extensive LMS concierge services, including administrative automation, which allow you to manage the bulk of your association’s operations from one dashboard.

Not only can your AMS data integrate with your EthosCE platform but EthosCE can take over much of the heavy lifting that your AMS is tasked with. Member polling and follow-up emails? EthosCE allows you to set it and forget it (and still stay informed on responses and open rates). Student transcript updates and CME credit management? Our platform can handle the most critical tasks relating to CME administration and membership management seamlessly.

EthosCE eliminates the need for multiple platforms to manage association data, activities, and CME programming. A streamlined management experience means an end to dashboard clutter and more time to focus on organization growth.

An AMS Scalability Checklist

Curious to know if your AMS is built to scale? Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Does your team spend time with manual data entry for bulk member registrations?
  • Are you still struggling with spreadsheets to manage LMS data?
  • Is your association fielding tech support questions that could be handled by an interactive online FAQ?
  • Are you finding your members struggling with website navigation during the order fulfillment process?
  • Do you use multiple websites to handle student data warehousing, member profiles, and LMS course results?
  • Is it easy to update your LMS with advanced content components like video or animation?
  • Are historical data sets easily accessible and simple to share across your organization?
  • Does your AMS support data reporting compliance with CME accrediting bodies such as the ACCME?
  • Can organization-wide notifications of changes to datasets be automated and scheduled ahead of time?
  • Can you create and share eye-catching, easy-to-understand data visualizations with a few clicks?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then you may face a challenge if your program experiences rapid growth—or simply expands course offerings.

There’s no need to compromise: EthosCE provides an enterprise-grade solution for associations with an AMS that they love, but want to upgrade.

EthosCE has decades of experience helping associations grow using their existing resources. Our integrated platform takes the confusion out of association management for rapidly growing organizations. With EthosCE you can get the most out of your existing AMS, regardless of your organization’s size. Ready to see how our features can transform your AMS? Click through to see our platform in action.

If you would like to learn more about EthosCE and how to integrate with your AMS, schedule a free 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!