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CME Medical E-learning: Tips for CPD Offices with Limited Resources

CME Medical E-learning: Tips for CPD Offices with Limited Resources

Do you have enough time in your work day? You won’t if you have to contend with a CPD office that has limited staff or financial resources. This leaves you with less time to develop the innovative CME content that you provide for your learners in so many diverse ways.

But when dealing with these limitations, you need ways to alleviate the stress that they can cause.

Here are a few tips that your CPD office can use to manage your CME medical e-learning when you have limited resources—and it involves a service that you may not have realized is available.

Tip 1: Address Your CPD Office’s Lack of Internal Resources

As a CE director, you want to increase the number of learners in your program and enhance their course engagement and satisfaction with your CE courses. However, having to deal with staff turnover is never a good thing. This can play a significant role in your office’s finances when you must start replacing employees.

Studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s annual salary. The numbers are serious: these costs can total more than $160 billion a year for US employers alone.

For you, hiring replacement employees can be especially costly. You have to advertise, select, hire, onboard, and train each new individual. Training itself is labor intensive, reducing productivity in other areas. Your budget takes a hit—even more so if you have to repeat the process all over again if another employee departs. At the end of the day, so-called cheap labor can be expensive, but the cost of replacements is even higher. Consider these numbers:

  • Employees Benefits News found that turnovers can cost employers 33% of an annual salary.
  • A Boushy and Glynn report found that for employees who earned $30,000 or less, 16% of their annual salary is spent on hiring and training new individuals.

You need to get out of this revolving door by finding a way to address your issues with limited resources.

Tip 2: Address the Hectic Atmosphere of Your CPD Office

Your CPD office is a busy place and often becomes even busier when new content becomes available and when you offer continuing education credits and course support. Don’t forget about regularly scheduled series, like conferences, grand rounds, and MOCs, and when you’re offering a wide range of educational formats, including credit hours, CEUs, CNE, CPE, CLE, CFP, CEH, PDH, and any other credit types, such as specialty credits.

EthosCE has an LMS concierge service that can help you get your course content online as quickly as possible. It can also help you resolve your staff turnover issues because it can do things more cheaply, quickly, and efficiently and with more quality than students or temps. It can also be done remotely or on a retainer contract basis and costs less than a full-time employee.

Tip 3: Use a Dedicated Service to Run Your Entire LMS for Your CME Medical E-learning

As a CE director, you’re busy creating innovative courses and activities for your learners. You are also trying to keep up with ACCME and AMCC compliance standards, report documentation to the ACCME, and stay up to date with numerous annual meetings and conferences. So, when you’re also dealing with a resource-challenged CPD office, you may feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions.

For your CME medical e-learning program, you need all hands on deck. The EthosCE concierge service provides highly experienced industry professionals and LMS administrators who can help you get your content online quickly so you can spend more time on innovation. They use the industry’s best practices in course delivery to ensure that your learners receive the best value from your courses. You can take advantage of experienced project managers and data entry staff who will help you stay on track.

You might think that you can use this service for only one thing when in fact, you can use it in any number of ways. In addition to course setups, you can:

  • Create and send reports.
  • Pull data.
  • Review, create, and update forms.
  • Email learners.
  • Provide end-user support.
  • Perform data entry.
  • Record documentation.
  • Perform supplemental training.

This dedicated concierge service enables you to increase the number of activities THAT your CPD office can do, and at the same time, IT allows you to offload menial tasks.

When it comes to data collection, there is also a library of templates for items like:

  • Learning objectives
  • Faculty bios and disclosures
  • Pre- and post-assessment questions, along with answer keys
  • Program evaluation
  • Release and expiration dates
  • Type and number of credits offered
  • Commercial support statements and other relevant information
  • Certificate setup if you’re awarding credits

The financial benefits of EthosCE’s concierge service

When your CPD is experiencing limited resources, chances are that your finances are challenged after dealing with turnovers. EthosCE’s concierge service assists in:

  • Monetizing your existing CME medical e-learning course content and realizing the benefits of earlier learner participation in courses
  • Enabling you to spend more time on innovation
  • Taking advantage of industry best practices
  • Saving money from EthosCE’s flat-fee pricing as a result of no hidden fees or surprises

Get Your CME Medical E-learning Back on Track

When you have the problems of limited resources, they can be addressed with a service that gets you back on track. EthosCE concierge service eliminates the time that you spend dealing with those issues and lets you create the best innovative CME medical e-learning courses and activities for your program.

Find out how EthosCE can help your CPD office when you have limited resources. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!