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Leave Work On-time With the Very Best LMS for Medical CE!

Leave Work On-time With the Very Best LMS for Medical CE!

Are You Saddled With a Generic LMS?

A generic LMS can’t offer you the features that you need to get the most out of your work days and this can create an unfortunate ripple effect across your organization. Since you may spend part of your day taking care of repetitive, administrative duties, you may often be pressed for time. You have fewer days on your calendar that can be devoted entirely to leadership duties, and other staff members may be required to take on the tasks that fall to them by default, eventually making your organization less efficient. That’s the typical experience of a CME director with a cookie-cutter LMS. Thankfully, you don’t have to stand for it.

What Your LMS Should Be Doing

The LMS is at the heart of your CME program. Its efficiency, flexibility, and capacity to scale will impact everything from course completion rates to learner knowledge retention to the accuracy of PARS-compliant Self Study reports.

An enterprise-grade LMS that is specifically designed for medical CE allows you to focus your energies on your primary goal—promoting intelligent program growth—by removing resource-intensive administrative tasks from your plate.

1. Manage Course Administration Tasks

Every day, you’re likely to be confronted with numerous time and task management challenges. Your LMS should be your partner in meeting those challenges—reducing the amount of data wrangling tasks that you have to monitor, and making your involvement in platform troubleshooting a rarity.

A purpose-built CME LMS platform should offer:

  • A streamlined registration process for learners, with integrated FAQs and self-help components so that support ticket requests remain low
  • One-click course import of learners and transcripts
  • A seamless course management workflow, with global course enrollment and user management from a single dashboard
  • Automated server monitoring and server software updates that keep your LMS running smoothly

2. Give You Complete Control Over Your Data

As a CME director tasked with maintaining high educational standards while simultaneously developing a proactive growth strategy, you don’t have time to waste gathering data when learners show signs of becoming disengaged with your program. Your LMS should make it easy for you to pinpoint trouble areas within your students’ learning experience or isolate course management inefficiencies and develop a rapid, data-driven solution.

The best LMS platform for medical CE will provide:

  • Management of all course data and users from multiple courses through a single, user-friendly dashboard
  • An ability to view real-time and historical course data for learners in aggregate or as individuals
  • Advanced data visualizations—allowing you to explore the whole of your course and learner data and generate insights as easy-to-understand, shareable graphics

3. Simplify Educational Innovation

As your program expands, you will also likely be faced with curriculum design challenges. The failure to meet the needs of new students— who are likely to have widely diverse educational requirements—will negatively impact your organization’s ability to fulfill its CME mission. To make the best use of your program’s resources and to help it scale successfully, you need an LMS that provides simplified learner outcomes analytics—allowing you to assess knowledge gaps and respond with rapid changes in curriculum and per-student communications, getting struggling learners back on track and new learners engaged.

The best LMS for medical CE will provide:

  • Easy interoperability with leading graphic design and web authoring platforms, making it simple to add innovative content to activities
  • Simple course content customization, with multimedia and live-event management options
  • An ability to create custom content restricted to sub-groups of learners or even individuals in need of intensive concept review

What Your LMS Shouldn’t Be Doing

Online course management is a time-consuming task when handled manually. A typical LMS has limited course management features. Your LMS shouldn’t make more work for you if you’re trying to get it to do its job. If you have to:

  • Handle user management issues—such importing transcripts—manually
  • Use spreadsheets to keep track of new LMS users
  • Manually collect, update, and slice your course data
  • Create data visualizations using a graphics program
  • Call tech support to upgrade simple content components
  • Connect with your web developer to add a video or a live stream to a course
  • Devote hours to tracking the test scores of a sample of students over the past month
  • Manually send emails to individual students after specific course landmarks are passed:

Then you probably rarely leave work on time and—you guessed it—you’re using the wrong LMS. It just wasn’t made for the demands of a medical CE program. CME programs have different requirements than other CE programs—you can’t make a generic LMS do the work of the best LMS for medical CE: an enterprise-grade, full-featured platform.

Medical CE is targeted towards busy professionals who need to master often highly complex material in limited amounts of time—efficiency and high-impact content is a must. Every activity must provide users with an exceptional user experience—one that helps them absorb and retain the knowledge that they need to become better at their jobs. Interruptions to that experience—such as a hard-to-navigate activity or even a poorly worded FAQ—will likely draw greater frustration from a medical professional than one would receive from a casual online learner: the stakes are usually considerably higher for medical professionals seeking to improve their practice. You can’t afford to trust your program to a generic LMS solution.

It’s Time to Head Home (with the Best LMS for Medical CE)

EthosCE simplifies course management and curriculum development, integrating real-time learner behavior analytics and a full suite of CME administrative tools into one user-friendly LMS platform. EthosCE allows you to reclaim your staff from CME management tasks that sap their productivity and keep all of you rooted at your desks long after you’d all hoped to be home. EthosCE is more than an LMS and enterprise-grade analytics suite—it is an all-in-one productivity engine, allowing you to set aside the busy work and focus on what you do best—leadership.

If you’d like to learn more about how EthosCE may be the right LMS for you, feel free to request a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our medical CE experts.