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Don’t Play Whisper Down the Lane with Your Learners - EthosCE

Don’t Play Whisper Down the Lane with Your Learners

Use Your LMS to Communicate Effectively

Everyone played the game Whisper Down the Lane at some point in elementary school. It is the “go-to” game to learn about communication. By the time the whispered phrase reaches the end of the line, it has become a humorously garbled version of the original phrase. The teacher then gives a short lesson about the importance of clear and direct communication to prevent rumors and confusion.

Most associations utilize some sort of learning management system software to manage CME learners, courses, requirements, and certifications. While any software can cut down on mistakes and oversights, it also has the capacity to devolve into a technologically-advanced game of “Whisper Down the Lane.”

Wouldn’t you rather have LMS software that improves communication? Don’t leave your administrators and learners confused. Using reports and data, evaluations, and integration, the best learning management software provides a system to foster clear communication.

How To Use Your Learning Management Software To Communicate

First, you should know that 2017 is all about community and personalization. This trend reveals the importance of effective communication with learners.

Clear and direct communication with your learners will help you choose the most effective CME activities for your association. Quality communication also cultivates community between members and staff within the association.

The first step to community-building communication is learning about your learners. Your LMS should give you plenty of interactions with and data about the learners.

  1. Reports and Data. The more information you have about your learners and their activity performance, the more effectively and efficiently you can address problems or changes as they arise. With the dashboard and course data, you can view trends over time and build reports to optimize your educational goals.
  2. Evaluations. Course evaluations are the best way to find out what learners really think about the activity that they have just completed. It’s important to take full advantage of this feature. Assessments and surveys are easy ways to understand what the learner thinks about the course.
  3. Integration. Live meetings provide opportunities to interact directly with the learners. Your LMS software should integrate online and offline CME activities. This allows you to streamline processes and ensure communication throughout all activities.

With a thorough understanding of learners, your association can communicate CME information to build community and personalize the LMS in ways that foster association growth.

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