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Announcing the New "Center for Hearing and Communication" Website - EthosCE

Announcing the New “Center for Hearing and Communication” Website

Center for Hearing and Communication

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly re-designed “Center for Hearing and Communication” Website.  DLC Solutions partnered with the Center for Hearing and Communication (formerly known as The League for the Hard of Hearing) to produce the new Website, which reflects CHC’s new organizational brand and provides a wealth of information and resources for people affected by hearing loss.

Working closely with CHC, our team provided a complete end-to-end production solution that included: strategic planning, graphic design, information architecture, Flash development, software engineering, and technical project management services.  The site was developed using the industry-leading (and our favorite) content management system, Drupal.  By using Drupal, CHC is able to manage all aspects of the site through a Web browser, reduced development costs, streamline internal content publication, and set the stage for the ongoing expansion of the site into peer-to-peer networking and social media.

We are so pleased to be able to partner with CHC on this re-design initiative and hope that the effort will help to connect people affected by hearing loss with experts, peers, and the appropriate support services.