Alliance for CME Presentation: The Emerging Role of Open Source, Web 2.0 Technologies in Continuing Medical Education

I am looking forward to our panel discussion on the role of open source, Web 2.0 learning management technologies at the upcoming 35th Annual Meeting of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education to be held on January 27-30, 2010 in New Orleans, LA.  I hope you will join us for this in-depth discussion on the practical applications of open source, learning management and social media solutions for the CME enterprise.  Below is the accepted abstract:

TITLE: The Emerging Role of Open Source, Web 2.0 Technologies in Continuing Medical Education: A Case Study

TIME/DAY/LOCATION: Alliance for CME Annual Meeting: 10:00 – 11:00 am, Friday, January 29, 2010, Magnolia 3rd

COMPETENCY: 4.6 – Identify and help modify processes that are barriers to change and the implementation of new

PRESENTERS: Jeremy Lundberg, MSSW, DLC Solutions; Logan Thomison, MS, OptumHealth Education.

OBJECTIVES: Session participants will be able to: (1) explain the definition and emerging role of open source software in CME; (2) explain how open source, Web 2.0 software can reduce costs and streamline administrative processes associated with CME; (3) understand the role of open source software in measuring educational outcomes; and (4) describe how open source software applications can be integrated to create rich, collaborative e-learning environments and peer-to-peer communities of practice.

METHODS: Team members will guide learners through the planning process, production, challenges, benefits, and outcomes associated with creating an open source, Web 2.0 CME platform. A combination of presentation, discussion, and case studies will be used.

KEY POINTS: Today, healthcare organizations are able to integrate open source, Web 2.0 technologies to create rich, collaborative learning environments that facilitate communication, collaboration, and the transfer of knowledge among healthcare professionals. OptumHealth Education and DLC Solutions partnered together to create an innovative Web platform for CME. The platform was designed to: (1) facilitate physician learning through learner-driven communication tools, SCORM-compliant courseware, and live activities; (2) streamline and reduce costs associated with CME program administration and data collection; and (3) conduct education outcomes studies by combining public and proprietary data sources.