Doctor-Patient in the Age of Twitter, Tagged, & Social Media in Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Doctor and Patient – Medicine in the Age of Twitter – I blog, I tweet and I use Facebook. And as I recently told a medical colleague, social media has been an enormously useful tool in my work…
  • Tagged: The World’s Most Annoying Website – TIME – A great example of social media capabilities gone evil and worst practices…
  • Listening to Consumers in a Highly Regulated [Pharmaceutical] Environment – The roles of consumers and corporations have changed significantly since the advent of the Internet. Consumers have come to expect that companies can and should listen to their feedback and react to their input. Meanwhile, many companies are intimidated by the procedures that must be put in place for monitoring consumer feedback, and most importantly, following up on it. For pharma-health companies specifically, regulations surrounding Adverse Event reporting bring additional concerns. How frequently do AEs appear within social media discussion, and does this conversation meet the FDA’s requirements for AE reporting?