Bayer Didget for Diabetes, Social Media Audits, Physician 2.0, and Moodle vs. Blackboard

  • The Bayer Didget: Diabetes Meter for Gamers – Bayer and Nintendo partner to create the Bayer Didget, a glucose monitor that interacts with a GAMEBOY.
  • The Importance of Social Media Audits « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing – In addition to constant listening and alerting to their market, brands should conduct an initial, then annual social media audit to be successful in their endeavors.Just as brands conduct audits of inventory, employees, and budgets on an often annual basis, they should also survey the landscape to find out what customers, influencers, partners and employees are participating on the social web
  • Physician 2.0: A Steady Stream of Innovation – Once upon a time doctors and lawyers were portrayed as the digital Luddites of society. Maybe there was a lag of early adoption especially when compared to the tech early-adopters. Not so much anymore…
  • Moodle vs. Blackboard Learning Management System: An Evaluation – Moodle is the industry-leading, open source learning management system and it is gradually taking marketshare from Blackboard due to its scalability, dramatic cost savings, and robust features. The University of North Carolina conducted an extensive pilot study with faculty and students and has now concluded it will migrate to Moodle…