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EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Accumulated Activity Reports

EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Accumulated Activity Reports

As a CME director, you’re well aware of the importance of having a clear view of your program data—and the challenge of detecting causal relationships across multiple datasets. The problem for some CME directors is that even with excellent access to program data, synthesizing all of it and transforming raw statistics into actionable insights is a daunting, time-consuming, (and sometimes impossible) task. That’s because most LMS platforms aren’t equipped to handle the demands of a growing CME program: CME directors need self-service analytics—the ability to view, analyze, and share insights on-demand—to meet the challenges of a competitive market.

How Aggregated Activity Reports Help Simplify CME the Management Process

When you can view all of your data at a glance through a user-friendly dashboard, you don’t have to struggle to find the answers that you need to craft an engaging curriculum, troubleshoot poor learner outcomes, or develop powerful marketing content. Here are a few examples of how an aggregated activity reports can serve as your CME Swiss Army knife, helping you design solutions for your program’s most significant challenges on the fly.

How can I find out why my learners are leaving our newest course halfway through their first activity?

If you are using an enterprise-grade CME platform, then you will access to historical and real-time program data. If you are using EthosCE, then your aggregated activity reports will reveal the point when most of your at-risk learners stopped engaging with the LMS. Drilling down further into your data, you will be able to isolate the behaviors of individual learners, viewing quiz responses and support ticket requests which will help you to discover which activity content caused your students to perform poorly, and which, if any, user experience issues became so troublesome that your learners gave up on the course.

EthosCE analytics user engagement dashboard

How can I create a content marketing campaign that stands out in such a crowded market?

Your aggregated activity reports will provide a blueprint for the type of content that will resonate with your audience. Using your data, you will be able to uncover the topics that engaged your learners most and drew the most requests for new courses. Themes covered by your most popular courses are naturally an excellent start for developing original marketing content, but so are the areas that your students struggled with but expressed interest in regularly. Are your learners motivated to learn about new technologies but struggled in activities that required knowledge of industry innovations? Consider producing a series of posts or an ebook that will show your audience the importance of learning about recent medical advances while illustrating how your course will present complex content in an engaging manner.

How can I help my team be more productive and get the most out of our existing resources?

One of your most important tasks as a CME director is maintaining effective personal time management while making sure that your team isn’t overtaxed when an important program issue arises. Accumulated activity reports cut down on redundant internal communications while enabling every team member to have access to the data that they need to keep up an efficient workflow. For example, a sudden dip in aggregate learner assessment scores could be due to many circumstances, but with aggregated activity reports it’s easy for your content editor to see that specific questions on an assessment were missed by high-performing and struggling learners alike. Digging a little deeper, you find that there was a flurry of support ticket requests—the wording of specific questions was confusing to many users, causing them to answer incorrectly. Instead of your investigation taking weeks, your team has only spent a few hours viewing program data, discussing strategy, and generating a report that can be shared easily across the organization.

Aggregated activity reports provide you with a 360-degree view of your program data. There’s no hunting for insights or guesswork involved when you go to your LMS admin dashboard to view your data. With EthosCE, you have access to an enterprise-grade analytics suite: you’ll have all of your data at your fingertips from day one.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Can Finally Put Away Your Scientific Calculator

If the phrase “scientific calculator” brings to mind high school calculus class and CME, you’re not using EthosCE. That’s because the EthosCE Analytics suite provides you with the insights that you need without you having to dig into your high school book bag. Here are three good reasons why you shouldn’t make an attempt at DIY analytics.

1. Aggregate data analysis is usually strewn with errors when performed manually
It’s just a fact of life: computers pull, warehouse, and analyze data faster than we do. When your data is pulled directly from its source into an analytics suite, you are assured that you have a complete, error-free data set to work with. That means you won’t have to waste days searching for missing datasets or fact-checking statistical findings: you’ll have a rock-solid digital “trail” from the instant data collection to the final report.

2. Aggregated activities reports save you time and frustration
Even small CME programs have multiple data sets to work with when developing program strategy. Gleaning insights from numerous sources involve evaluating a hodgepodge of statistics for causal relationships and data gaps—a process that may take an experienced CME team weeks. EthosCE self-service reporting eliminates the wait—allowing you to explore all of your data with a few clicks and then generate a data visualization of your findings in minutes.

3. Advanced digital visualizations and accumulated activities reports are a powerful strategy-building combination.
When you are leading a growing organization, your ability to troubleshoot, strategize, and implement solutions quickly is a crucial determinant of your CME program’s success. With EthosCE, speed doesn’t mean a less exacting due diligence process when creating program solutions. Quick data access and easy report sharing for your team means more productive strategy sessions, easier internal communications, and a solidly evidence-driven CME management structure.

EthosCE quick data access and easy report sharing

EthosCE Analytics allows you to view the historical and real-time status of your CME program at the highest level and then drill down to see granular data on individual learner performances. When your data works for you, you don’t have to wrestle with time-intensive administrative tasks to keep your team’s workflow going smoothly.

It’s time to for your data do its job

At EthosCE, we’ve helped organizations transform their data management practices and ramp up their productivity for more than 16 years. We’ve created an integrated LMS and CME management platform that makes enterprise-grade analytics features available out of the box. With accumulated activities reports, complex analytics becomes “touch-free” and frictionless for you and your team: our customizable data dashboards, advanced notification system and data visualizations simplify all of your reporting processes from day one.

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