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EthosCE Learning Management System Version 3 Launched - EthosCE

EthosCE Learning Management System Version 3 Launched

As we enter into 2011, we are pleased to announce the launch of EthosCE Learning Management System Version 3.  Among the many significant enhancements and improvements EthosCE core and add-on modules, such as Conference Management, Performance Improvement, and Mobile, are:

EthosCE Core

  • Enhanced CME Transcripts User Interface (broken down by activities in: complete, in progress, and external status)
  • Improved course integration with shopping cart
    • Option to bypass shopping cart for free course
    • Option to accept checks but not enroll until approved by an administrator
    • Option to bypass internal cart and use external system
    • Web service to accept payment from outside systems
    • Web service to expose cart contents to outside systems
  • Multiple course types – any content type can be a course
  • Module enrollment mechanism configurable to allow enrollment to be control by outside events (e.g., purchase, external purchase)
  • Improved functionality for Live Activity Attendance
    • Filter attendance list to enrolled users only
    • Remove users from attendance list
    • Configure required required on a per-activity basis
  • Support for both internal LMS (Drupal quiz) and external (Moodle, etc)
  • Improved reporting performance
  • Course cloning or replication
  • Improved Moodle integration (database-based sessions)
  • Integrated permissions for Moodle LMS
  • Certificate grouping: Allows mapping of a group of field values (e.g., degree) to a single user type, which can then be mapped to a certificate type
  • Certificate criteria to support more complex accreditation rules
  • Group features
    • Easily turn on/off learning group features (forums, news, resources)
    • Support for course creation restricted by learning group or 3rd party partner
    • New group feature: group pages that allow for group administrators to create content for their group, but not publish elsewhere. Useful for sub-clients
  • Improved ease of upgrading to add-on features

Conference Management Module

  • Purchase by conference or by day
  • List conference sessions by day and concurrent tracks
  • Support for custom site designs per conference
  • Full integration with e-commerce
  • Variable pricing
  • Early bird fees
  • Email all registered users
  • Customize confirmation and reminder emails
  • Attendance caps
  • Wait listing