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Power and Simplicity from your Association LMS

Leonardo da Vinci allegedly asserted, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

LMS AssociationIt’s hard to argue against this proposition when you think about the sheer brilliance and simplicity of Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc². 

That’s how an association LMS ought to operate: giving the most sophisticated interface that is user-friendly and simple to use. But far too many associations have an LMS which fails to provide this level of sophisticated simplicity.

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose an LMS that provides powerful tools with user-friendly simplicity.

A Simple Association LMS for Both Administrators and Learners

The most important aspect of your association LMS is that it provides an interface that is easy to learn while giving you all the tools you need to provide and track CME activities and credits.

Even if your association’s LMS needs are straightforward, your most important criterion is always simplicity and usability. This simplicity shouldn’t be for the administrator alone, but also for the learner. A truly powerful LMS should offer simple navigation and usability for anyone who interacts with the interface.

To that end, your LMS should provide all of the course creation tools that support multimedia, including applications and standards like Captivate, Articulate, Adobe Presenter, SCORM and Tin Can.

Additionally, it is critical that administrative tasks such cloning courses, reordering course components, and managing credits are user-friendly and highly automated.

Finally, your LMS must have a simple, linear course workflow that consistently guides your learners through their courses.

EthosCE is the industry-leading, SCORM-compliant learning management system designed to automate and modernize the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work closely with leading medical associations, academic centers, and health systems to optimize their technology infrastructure and create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment for learners and CME administrators alike. For more information about EthosCE, please contact us at 267-234-7401.Preview (opens in a new window)


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