CloudCME vs. EthosCE: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

As a CME Coordinator or Director, you would never compromise on the quality of programming that you offer your users. You shouldn’t have to make compromises when it comes to your CME Management platform either. EthosCE, unlike CloudCME, is an enterprise-class CME platform with comprehensive, ongoing support. It’s not just a grouping of CME products.

This matters immensely to you as a CME Coordinator or Director, since the quality of the educational experience that your program offers is directly related to how well your LMS management platform is able to accommodate the needs of a diverse and growing group of learners.

So which platform should you choose? Let’s do a quick comparison.

Big Difference #1

  • EthosCE offers consistent support for medical associations at every stage of CME program development.
  • CloudCME offers a suite of products with limited support.

Big Difference #2

  • The EthosCE Platform is user-friendly and intuitive, offering features that are geared to the needs of CME Coordinators or Directors who want to save time without sacrificing operations efficiency.
  • CloudCME offers LMS and CME products which require several days of training for the staff to master basic operations. Employees who miss those three days of training are gifted with a 400-page training guide— to get them started.

Big Difference #3

  • EthosCE provides an effortless way to monitor program compliance by delivering critical data—such as in-depth, real-time learner analytics—to build evidence-driven Self-Study reports and learner outcome assessments.
  • CloudCME offers some basic data on participants, such as course registration, their degree, specialty and their region. Connecting the dots between compliance and learner insights? Not so much.

The big picture? EthosCE puts learner experience first, giving CME Coordinators or Directors the tools to amplify knowledge retention with an agile LMS structure that allows easy course customization.

Now, let’s take a look at some essential attributes that you should look for in your CME platform.

1. Stellar tech support

Your CME solutions provider should be your partner in helping you get the most out of your platform. Here’s an example of just some of the support services that EthosCE offers:

Promises the first response to a support ticket “usually” within two hours.

2. A full-fledged, purpose-built LMS designed to scale easily

The EthosCE LMS empowers growth-focused CME Coordinators or Directors to create educational experiences that align with ACCME standards. Here are a just few features:

Creative Assessment Formats

  • Give online quizzes and surveys to assess learners at any time during the course, including pre- and post-test assessments.
  • Multiple choice, true-false, essay, and other common question types are supported.
  • Provide feedback to the learner during the assessment, either globally, specific to the question or the user’s response.
  • Create multimedia questions and easily embed videos.
  • Create follow-up assessments that automatically notify learners based on the interval you set, such as a 30-day follow up assessment.

Powerful Learning Experience Design Tools

  • Full multimedia support.
  • Easily add video from YouTube or upload your own video or Flash learning content.
  • Easy to use with popular applications like Captivate, Articulate and Adobe Presenter.
  • SCORM and Tin Can supported.
  • Restrict and or hide course components based on time or pre-requisites.

Scalable Course Features for Growing Programs

  • Admins can require partial or full completion of linked courses to meet curricular requirements.
  • Enforce the order of courses that a user must complete.
  • Set prerequisites for enrollment.
  • Allow users to purchase or enroll individual or all courses.
  • Apply credit and certificate to the entire curricula or just the courses contained within it.
  • Synced Online and Offline Learning Components
  • Create a live course and track offline learning in your LMS. Track what your users did offline in the same place as your online learning!
  • Create registrations and course information pages.
  • Track and enforce attendance as part of completion.
  • Allow an instructor to set a pass/fail status based on offline events.
  • Email reminders of upcoming events.
  • Integration with event management software.
  • Record attendance via mobile phones.

Instructors can upload video, PDFs or link to 3rd party sites. These components can also be added to tests or SCORM content.

3. In-depth reporting capabilities with comprehensive data management

ACCME compliant reporting capabilities are perhaps the most important feature of any CME management platform, but superior data management and comprehensive learner analytics are the foundation of accurate Self Study reports. Here a some of EthosCE’s most popular features:

Simplified JA-PARS reporting

  • Define your reporting period for JA-PARS to match your established schedule
  • Easily update required JA-PARS fields for each course
  • Include course records that have been imported into EthosCE
  • Activities are sent to CPE Monitor automatically
  • Two ways to report: manual download or via web service

Detailed Course Data and Insights

  • Compare one assessment to another at an aggregate and response-based level.
  • View high-level reports to gauge learner feedback.
  • Download all data, including demographics, to be used in third-party analytic software.
  • Benchmark data.
  • Quickly see the completion status for users of each course step.
  • View credits earned by user type.
  • Custom reports development upon request

Easy-Access Data Visualizations

  • Global or course-level dashboards.
  • Filter by date and user demographics.
  • Quickly see how many users are in a course and their completion status.
  • Compare pre- and post-tests to easily gauge the effectiveness of your learning objectives.

Like EthosCE, CloudCME facilitates PARS submissions. They also offer histograms of RSS attendance and basic participant data such as location, degree, and specialty.

4. A short launch process for LMS admins

The EthosCE LMS is based on the latest usability best practices, so it’s easy to get started with our LMS. Most admins are able to learn to use our platform on their own, guided by on-page help.

  • Our course creation wizard makes it easy for the occasional user.
  • The expert mode provides shortcuts for more experienced users
  • The clean administrative interface is simple to navigate.
  • Courses can be cloned with one click.
  • Just drag and drop to reorder course components.

Admins must complete three days of training to learn the basics, or new users can read the handy 400-page quick start manual.

As a CME Coordinator or Director, you’re committed to providing the best educational experiences for your learners— your solutions provider should make it easier for you to reach your goals.

EthosCE stands out as the leader in providing the enterprise-class features which empower growth-focused CME Coordinators or Directors to create educational experiences that align with ACCME standards. Click through for a product tour and schedule a demo today.

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