5 Best CloudCME Alternatives for CME LMS

As a CloudCME customer, you might not have had the easiest onboarding process. There’s that 400 page “quick start” user’s guide to get through if you miss the three days of training necessary to learn how to begin to use the LMS. After that, you can look forward to webinars and a support call response time that may vary anywhere from one hour or more. That hour is a minimum average wait to get a response, not an issue resolution. Adding new features? You can look forward to a webinar referral. That’s a lot of effort to launch your LMS, and perhaps more waiting than you’re willing to tolerate—which has you looking for CloudCME alternatives. If your issue is urgent, it would be nice to just be able to pick up the phone and know that someone is on the other end during business hours. At EthosCE, we look at client support differently than CloudCME. We’ve built a robust, intuitive platform that makes support calls a rarity—but we’re always there during business hours if you need to speak to an actual human. Here are just some of the support services we provide our CME Coordinators or Directors from day one.

Your CloudCME Alternatives Should Offer Comprehensive Support from Day One

  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours (8:30am-5pm EST GMT-4)
  • 24/7 Website, application, and server monitoring
  • Web-based case management via our online issue tracker
  • Tracking and installation of security patches for both core and contributed modules

We provide support that will meet the needs of your CME program from ideation to accreditation, and as you scale.

An Alternative to CloudCME Should Offer Plug-and-Play Curriculum Design Components

If you’re a customer and looking for CloudCME alternatives, you may find yourself digging through a quick start guide that weighs (literally) more than a pound just to find out how to make simple changes. As a CME Coordinator or Director, you know how important it is to be able to address the needs of your learners quickly, and having the ability to add and alter curriculum design components is essential to improving learner outcomes. EthosCE LMS makes updates to curriculum design effortless. Our platform offers comprehensive learner metrics that you can use to implement required curriculum changes right away. Not only does our LMS allow you to adjust activities content easily, it also permits you to offer learners instant feedback before, during and after activity module completion and per assessment.

A Replacement for CloudCME Should Make Compliance Easier, Not Tedious

EthosCE automates many of the time-intensive administrative tasks that pull resources from compliance efforts. Setting up email reminders, monitoring learner completion rates, and scraping and analyzing user data shouldn’t pull you and your staff away from important curriculum development and member relations tasks. We believe that your CME management platform should do just that—manage your most important compliance-related jobs for you. Here are some of our CME management features:

  • Automated attendance tracking of RSS/Grand Rounds via mobile phones
  • Self-serve certificates
  • Support for multiple credit types
  • Unlimited certificate templates
  • Commitment to change and follow-up assessment instruments
  • PARS-compliant reports and integration with ACCME web services, including ABA, ABIM, ABP MOC 2 programs
  • Automated reporting to boards and other external systems, including ACCME PARS, CE Broker, CPE Monitor, and more
  • Complete CME tracking lifecycle management

At EthosCE, we understand how much work CloudCME clients already have on their plate. We’d like to give you a permanent vacation from the busywork and do-or-die tasks that sap your energy and your productivity.

Your New Platform Should Be More Than an LMS

Granted, the initial success of your CME program has a lot to do with the quality of your LMS. The ongoing success of your program will depend on your ability to enact and respond quickly as your learner base expands and diversifies. That means you may need a complete website redesign in the near future, or your activities content may need to be reimagined if program compliance standards change. If you’re a CloudCME customer, the previous sentence may have set your heart racing—in a bad way. There’s no need to panic. Switching from CloudCME means that you’ll have EthosCE to offer a range of optional services, from curriculum development to web design, you can rest assured that you won’t ever have to mix and match third-party service solutions for your CME program to remain competitive.

Here are just a few of our consulting services:

Technology education: We provide on-site training for C-level and management staff.

Work-session facilitation: We will manage a work-session where we will work with your team to develop a game plan to meet your CME goals.

Strategic recommendations: We will create a complete business process analysis and produce a document with strategic recommendations for managing resources and achieving program growth benchmarks.

An Alternative to CloudCME Should Work Out of the Box

If you’re a CloudCME customer, you are most likely working much harder than our customers to keep your CME program on track. CME Coordinators or Directors shouldn’t have to bother with the tech side of things when setting up their new LMS—or spend hours waiting for a response to an urgent question. EthosCE provides a simple launch process that makes setup and LMS management painless.

EthosCE is the definitive alternative to CloudCME, providing all of the missing components necessary to grow a successful CME program. As a CloudCME client, you may have become used to putting in extra effort to keep your learners happy. We believe that every CME Coordinator or Director should have access to enterprise-grade features that actually solve—rather than create—management issues. Ready to stop working for your LMS and make it work for you? Come on over to our side. We will get you up and running in no time.

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